Are you an entrepreneur who's having difficulty with building or developing strategies for marketing your businesses?

Are you an online marketer who's struggling with building your reputation online?

Are you a small business owner who dreams of making your company bigger but doesn't know how to market it to different online platforms?

A recent survey from LinkedIn finds 80% of small business owners are turning to social media platforms to generate revenue and find new customers. Seventy-three percent of high-performing small businesses say they increased spending on social media and social ads in the last year. In comparison, only 42% of small businesses experiencing no growth did the same.

Most successful business owners nowadays are changing the game. Their company's presence over different social media platforms are very noticeable and it's now making them gain more engagements. 

Companies now prefer advertisement via different online platforms. Not only that it has more reachable users, but it's also more economical, more practical.

Would you agree? In order for business owners to expand their businesses, they have to stop micro-managing and start DELEGATING most of their tasks.​ With this, these business owners will be able to manage most of their time and do more businesses. Talk about being more productive.

​And that's where I would love to help you. As a Virtual Professional who loves giving my helping hand, I can share with you different strategies on how you can have more engagements across different Social Media platforms, particularly: 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • and other Social networking sites

If you want to switch over to using Thrive Themes for your website, I will be more than happy to help. In fact, my website was built using my favorite theme. 

Here's what Sheree can help you with...

Social Media Management

Thrive Themes Expert

Facebook Lead Ads

Instagram Marketing

Sheree, your Sensational Virtual Professional

About Sheree

Hi, I'm Sheree Brizo, a mother and a wife, a Virtual Professional who works from home. I am a Homeschool advocate and I love helping other people build their businesses using the internet. I have my own Facebook Group with my virtual career partner, and the group's aim is to support every Bisaya with achieving their career goals while working from home. I'm a bibliophile and I've been reading non-fiction books since 1st grade. I also love changes, that's why embracing new technology isn't that hard for me. During my past time, I listen to my audio books and music playlist, read books, play with my daughter, chit chat with my husband, and spend time with my sisters. The most amazing decision I made is working from home. I get to spend more time with my family plus I get to study a lot about marketing and latest trends. I value relationships, that's why it is very important for me to see my family grow. With today's technology, I am very thankful for it because it gives us the opportunity to be with our loved ones often and get to see more possibilities. 

I firmly believe in this saying by John Gardner:

“Mastery is not something that strikes in an instant, like a thunderbolt, but a gathering power that moves steadily through time, like weather.” 

What others say about Sensational Sheree


COMMUNICATION. She has a superb skill in English communication but not only the English communication per se, but she is constantly communicating you about your tasks to her-- she will give you report updates and suggestions in no time (fast response).

CONSISTENCY. She is very consistent in doing her quality job. She never compromises the quality of every job that you want to do with her. Beyond the QUALITY is her strive for excellence of any business.

CONTINUITY. She never fails to have an eagerness to learn. That's right, if she doesn't know what do to or how to do a specific task, she will find a way to deliver it successfully. There is no "I don't know that" for her. She continuously studies it until she finds the answer and solves it for the excellence of your business.

Enteng Nabablit
Youtube SEO Expert

When I first met Sheree into a local event for start up freelancers, I thought we will never get along after that. One month later, we organized a local meet up for 20+ start up freelancers wherein we shared our best practices and experience in building our freelance business from home. Sheree works hard to improve her self, openly speaks her ideas and works hard to make them come true.

Michael de los Santos

She delivers efficiently and always exceeds my expectations. What I love most about Sheree is she never stops learning. A very pleasure to work with. She is a gem!

Jhuvylyn Gellangao
Team Leader, Convergys TGU

Sheree is a person I turn to for advice on matters specific to our field of internet marketing and online careers. Additionally, Sheree has done a series of small favors for me in the process, showing her sincerity and generosity. On that basis, I want to highlight Sheree for having exceptional qualities professionalism, an authority in our niche and the strong passion to serve. I have confidence she will go very far in life and I look forward to seeing her succeed!

Arnold RB

Sheree is one of a good example of a versatile person since she can mix up both professionalism and friendship. It is considered to be a best asset of one's personality.


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